Now Accepting Incoming 9th and 10th Grade Students
for the 2021-2022 School Year.


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All courses at CAST Lead are project-based, which means students learn by doing hands-on activities that are relevant to the real world.


Students can earn up to two years’ (42 college credit hours) of college credit plus industry certificates, which saves time and money in the future.


CAST Lead is tuition-free and open to students across the greater San Antonio area who are entering 9th and 10th grade.

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Address: 7284 FM 1628, San Antonio, TX 78263

Phone: (210) 634 - 7302

School District: East Central ISD

CAST Lead is a career-themed high school that will prepare students for leadership positions in the growing retail, hospitality and tourism, and ecommerce industries. These industries represent some of the fastest-growing and most dynamic in our city, offering students an opportunity to align their passion with industry and higher education leaders committed to their success.

Students enrolled in CAST Lead follow one of three pathways:

  • Retail - Students explore the world of retail management through a variety of components including product development and packaging engineering
  • Hospitality and Tourism - Encompasses sectors such as Food and Beverage and Recreation
  • ecommerce - Students explore marketing trends, study UI, UX, and security, and investigate the development of web and mobile applications

CAST Lead is open to all students on a lottery basis within Bexar and surrounding counties. The school is tuition-free and offers students a chance to learn through project-based learning, mentorships and internships, as well as earn up to 2 years of college credit, and-or industry certifications.

From the hands-on learning that our students will experience inside and outside the classroom to the connection to industry mentors through job shadowing and internship opportunities, we firmly believe that CAST Lead will be a huge benefit to East Central ISD and the San Antonio area.

- Roland Toscano
East Central ISD Superintendent

Industry partners

Wendy Fuller, Principal

Meet the Principal - Dr. Wendy Fuller

A product of East Central Indepependent School District, Dr. Wendy Fuller learned her colors and the alphabet at the same campus that will be renovated for the college and career-focused high school.

  "I hope to ignite passion in my teachers who directly impact students through engaging and innovative lessons, fostering a love for life-long learning."

Dr. Fuller is working with local industry and community partners to create couse pathways, plot our learning experiences outside of the classroom, and identify potential mentoring and internship opportunities for CAST Lead students. Dr. Fuller has a Doctoral degree in Education from Capella University, a Master's Degree in counseling from the same university, and a Bachelor's Degree from UTSA in Education.

Fast facts

  • CAST Lead opened its doors in East Central ISD in August 2020
  • CAST Lead partners with the most distinctive San Antonio brands in food, entertainment, travel and retail.
  • Possible careers in these industries include Fashion/Food Retail Leadership, Event Planner, Web Developer, Creative Director of ECommerce, Store manager, Visual merchandiser, and many others

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