CAST Champions

CAST Schools were created in 2016 in partnership with public school superintendents, and business and civic leaders across our greater San Antonio community. Their continuous support, guidance, and commitment continue to strengthen our mission to maximize opportunities for our students in order to prepare them for college, career, and life. Through our CAST Champion Honors, we are able to recognize those that have gone beyond and above to support our students through the school year. We are tremendously grateful for their dedication to our schools and to our countless partners who mentor, hire, teach, coach, and celebrate our youth.

CAST Champion Honors

Wednesday, April 27 • CAST STEM High School

2022 CAST Champion Honors

Senior Showcase: 4 PM • Honors Ceremony: 5:30 PM

2022 CAST Champions

Belarmino Castellanos


Senior Director of Customer Support & Command Center Team

Katie Chain


Education & Workforce Program Manager

Steven Gonzalez


Lead UX Designer

Dr. Lyssa Ochoa

The SAVE Clinic

Surgeon and Founder

Marisa Perez-Diaz

Firstmark Foundation

Executive Director

Dr. Lloyd Verstuyft


Southwest Independent School District

Fred Borroel


Owner, Adventure-Based Training and Consultation

2021 CAST Champions