Higher Education Partners

The CAST network partners with higher education institutions to develop the next generation of teachers and principals. Over time, we will support full-time teacher and principal residencies and dedicated faculty housed at each of our schools to create learning laboratory environments. The network also looks to deepen the relationship with higher education through research partnerships, mentoring, dual credit, summer classes, and more.

At CAST Tech, our core higher education partners are the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) and San Antonio College. UTSA is embedding its next generation of teachers along CAST Tech master teachers, offering education methods classes within the CAST Tech building and undertaking research of CAST Tech’s unique approach. CAST Tech students also benefit from the strong relationship with higher education faculty in computer science, business, and engineering.

CAST Tech has developed a three-way partnership with San Antonio College to give CAST Tech students access to college-level dual credit courses at both campuses and to ensure maximum transferability of those higher-level courses. CAST Tech students have participated in summer opportunities at both SAC and UTSA, and those relationships continue to grow.

At CAST STEM, our core higher education partners are Texas A&M-San Antonio (TAMUSA) and Palo Alto College. Prospective teachers at TAMUSA will spend two years working alongside CAST STEM master teachers.

CAST STEM has developed a partnership with Palo Alto College to give CAST STEM students access to college-level dual credit courses in advanced manufacturing, logistics, and energy, with some of those courses taking place on the college campus itself.

CAST Med is designed to begin preparing young people for a potential career in medicine, public health, or biomedical research. Our partners at the UT Health Science Center at San Antonio are helping design pathways that will ensure that CAST Med students have the necessary foundation for success in these high-demand, high-paying fields. CAST Med will also act as a teacher laboratory school in partnership with UTSA. In addition to teacher preparation, UTSA’s Department of Biology will partner with CAST Med on curriculum, summer experiences, and more. San Antonio College, with its focus on health careers, will similarly offer students early access to its medical laboratories and equipment, summer programming, and college coursework relevant to the three pathways.