Industry Partners

Help Shape the Future of San Antonio

CAST Schools are partnership schools, co-created by industry, civic leaders, and other external partners, who participate in decisions about curriculum, budget and school governance. In addition to their critical role in the school design, our partners provide mentorship, real-world work experiences, internships, and job opportunities, shaping the career readiness of students and helping them seamlessly transition into college or the workforce while nurturing a homegrown and committed source of talent.

How can you or your organization get involved?

CAST believes in working closely with partners to co-create a school environment that gives students the opportunity to test-drive their careers and opens their eyes to the larger world. Students will learn from industry partners and gain real-world experiences through:

What are the benefits for partners?

We believe our community partners play a special role in a student’s life, increasing their confidence and helping them feel better prepared for their futures. All partners will: