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All schools have a few spots remaining for incoming 9th and 10th graders.

Our small, career-focused schools prepare students to tackle the challenges of the future.

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For out-of-the-box minds

High school is redefined at CAST. This new school model allows students to learn by doing and gain real world experience through internship, job shadowing and mentorship opportunities with major local companies such as H-E-B, Rackspace, and Toyota, to name a few.

CAST students:

  • are eager for a challenge
  • curious and driven to learn
  • goal-oriented and responsible
  • have big dreams for their future



The Centers for Applied Science & Technology (CAST) is a San Antonio-based network of schools focused on experiential learning with a mission to maximize opportunities for high school graduates.

What makes CAST different?

  • Students select a school based on interest, set personal goals and co-create their school experience, informed by industry professionals and other partners.
  • Young people tackle real-world problems with input from employers and alongside mentors from the field.
  • Academics are integrated with career and technical education in a curriculum that combines project-based, personalized, and work-based learning.
  • A focus on projects, research, labs, and experiences in the workplace and local community frees teachers to act as coaches and mentors.
  • Students want to be makers and doers, and will thrive in a hands-on setting informed by student voice and choice.


All courses at CAST Schools are project-based, which means students learn by doing hands-on activities that are relevant to the real world.

Two years
college credit

Students can earn up to two years’ (42 college credit hours) of college credit plus industry certificates, which saves time and money in the future.

open to all

CAST Schools are tuition-free and open to students across the San Antonio area who are entering 9th grade.

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