School Districts

  • San Antonio Independent School District (SAISD)
  • Southwest Independent School District (SWISD)
  • East Central Independent School District (ECISD)
  • North Independent School District (NISD)

San Antonio Independent School District (SAISD) has been located in the heart of the city for more than 100 years and is Bexar County’s third-largest school district. Under the leadership of Superintendent Pedro Martinez, SAISD serves more than 50,000 students among more than 90 campuses.

CAST Tech is open to students across Bexar County and is San Antonio’s first high-tech high school. An in-district charter of the San Antonio Independent School District, CAST Tech is a first-of-its-kind model where college coursework is embedded in the program and students can graduate with up to two years of college credit, industry-recognized certifications and portfolios that feature rigorous, multi-disciplinary projects and other examples of their work. CAST Tech students will prepare for careers in coding, cyber security, gaming, web design, user experience entrepreneurship, business, and more.

CAST Med High School is the third campus in the CAST network and the second within SAISD. CAST Med curriculum has an emphasis on medicine and biomedical research. The CAST Med campus, located at 2601 Louis Bauer Drive in the Brooks development, was converted into high school instructional spaces to include a 215-seat auditorium and lab spaces for biology, biotech and engineering, virtual anatomy and computer stations. CAST Med is operated as an in-district charter in SAISD, and open to students across Bexar County. CAST Med opened its first class of 150 9th graders in Fall 2019.

Southwest Independent School District (SWISD) was established in 1951 to educate the rural population of Bexar County. The southwest region of the city has grown and the district now serves nearly 14,000 students under the leadership of Superintendent Dr. Lloyd Verstuyft, who attended and graduated from schools in the very district where he now works.

CAST STEM is the second free, public high school in the CAST network. Open to students across Bexar County, CAST STEM allows students to explore careers in engineering, advanced manufacturing, energy & power, and global logistics. College coursework and industry-recognized certifications are embedded within the high school program at CAST STEM and supported by employer partnerships as well as two-year and four-year higher education partners. CAST STEM students will be prepared for careers in advanced manufacturing, energy operations, drone pilots, aerospace, logistics and more. Like all CAST graduates, CAST STEM students are guaranteed a job interview upon graduation.

East Central Independent School District (ECISD) was founded in 1949 with a mission to cultivate problem-solvers who are prepared to thrive in an interconnected world. The district serves more than 10,000 students.

CAST Lead opened in 2020 with opportunities for leadership careers in retail, hospitality and e-commerce. Open to students across Bexar County, CAST Lead partners with some of San Antonio’s most distinctive brands, from the Culinary Institute of America, to Whataburger, H-E-B, Grupo La Gloria, Visit San Antonio and many more, to prepare students to climb the leadership ladder in one of San Antonio’s most dominant industries.

NISD LogoEstablished in 1949 by the consolidation of 12 rural school districts, Northside today is 355 square miles of urban landscape, suburban communities, and rural Texas hill country. As South Texas’ largest school system, Northside is the “Destination District” for thousands of families wanting a high quality school system.

Opening in August of 2022, the CAST Teach High School will not only ensure students have a strong foundation in educational practices, but it will also provide experiences in schools – side by side with mentor educators, coaches, counselors, and librarians.