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Erica Jackson

East Central ISD

“I am committed to championing every opportunity for students, turning dreams into achievements, and nurturing a legacy of success for every student.”

Ms. Erica Jackson, an accomplished educator and leader, is dedicated to cultivating a nurturing environment that fosters student growth, learning, and success. As the driving force behind our school’s advancement, she envisions and leads initiatives to ensure our students are well-prepared to emerge as tomorrow’s leaders. Ms. Jackson, formerly the interim principal at CAST Lead, brings a wealth of experience, having served as an assistant principal at CAST and Legacy Middle School. Her journey within the district is marked by unwavering dedication, highlighted by her participation in the inaugural cohort of the “Leading the EC Way” initiative’s Aspiring Principals Program. Ms. Jackson’s commitment to educational excellence began in 2015 as a math teacher in East Central ISD. She holds an impressive academic background, including an MBA in Accounting and Finance, and a BBA in Finance from the University of North Texas.