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As a community, we help all students reach their full potential. Our schools are intentionally diverse and integrated, and our enrollment practices create schools that reflect the communities we serve. We use data to drive continuous improvement and to ensure that every child’s needs are seen and met.

Tuition Free
College Credit
Real-World Experience

Tuition-Free, with a Majory Pay-Off

CAST students graduate from high school with a diploma and up to two years of college credits, plus the opportunity to earn industry-recognized certificates in addition to work experience. The tuition-free schools offer a combination of blended learning, project-based learning, and work-based learning, freeing teachers to act as coaches and mentors, with class time structured around research, labs, and offsite experiences in the workplace.

The schools are overseen by the CAST Network, a nonprofit organization, and operate in partnership with local public school districts, higher education institutions and industry partners.

The schools are designed to be largely self-sufficient over time, but CAST relies on industry partners, foundations and other public funding sources to support the startup years.


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