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What’s it like to be a student at CAST?




Mya, a rising freshman at CAST Lead High School, moderated a CAST LIVE panel discussion about what it’s like to be a student at CAST. The panel consisted of a representative from each CAST Network School.

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CAST LIVE Student Panel


Moderator: Mya, CAST Lead, Rising Freshman

“I chose CAST Lead because I thought it would be a good start to my business future.”


Nia, Advanced Learning Academy, Rising Senior

“I chose the Advanced Learning Academy (ALA) because I felt that it would help prepare me for college and give me a lot of opportunities in my educational career.”

Jonathan, CAST Tech Rising Senior

“I chose CAST Tech because I believe technology is the future and CAST Tech is all technology and it’s really a great school.”

Jocelyn, CAST STEM, Rising Junior

“I chose CAST STEM because of the multiple pathways they offered for us and I knew that these pathways were driving me for college.”

Kailey, CAST Med, Rising Sophomore

“I chose CAST Med because I have always been interested in the medical field and it’s just one of the ways I get to fulfill my passion.”

What are the advantages of attending a cast network school such as ALA?

“..We do project based learning, so you can really immerse yourself in something you’re learning in a class. You’re doing an entire project on it and you get a lot of help from your teachers and you get to experience a lot of things through the clubs and organizations that we have.” – Nia, Advanced Learning Academy

What makes your CAST campus different from a high school that you have gone too?

“I think one of the things is the one-on-one that you get with the teachers and the small class size because you get to focus more on what you want and there’s a lot of tutoring after school.” – Kailey, CAST Med

What clubs does your campus have what is your favorite?

“I think my favorite is student council because I’m the president.. At our school were big on student leadership. You can start a club. You just need five kids and one (teacher) facilitator.” – Jocelyn, CAST STEM

If you could apply all over again to cast, would you?

“Yes, of course. I came from a different school. Coming here is like leaping from one school to another. It was a big deal. They offer a lot of promises. I will say that they delivered. When I was able to take a tour, when I first applied, everyone was so nice and wonderful, and they kept the energy throughout the whole year. That means a lot. That’s important, especially when you’re in an environment where you’re teaching. You have to have that trust to know that you can trust them that you’re learning from them. And taking that leap from one school to another, it felt good, a month in.  I was so happy I did it.” – Jonathan, CAST Tech

What are some electives at ALA?

“For electives, we have theater, musical theatre, band, tech theatre, and newspaper. We have an audio-visual club, my friends were in it and they said it was a lot of fun. We have so many different electives at the school, model UN. We have so many different electives that I don’t think you’ll have a problem finding an elective that fits what you do and what your interests are. I’m personally in theater and musical theater and I enjoy those quite a lot and I have friends who are in mariachi and they have a lot of fun no matter what level you’re in.” – Nia, Advanced Learning Academy

What advice do you have for a student just starting out at a CAST school?

“For CAST Med, we have a lot of volunteer opportunities. I would say every time we get an opportunity, get it because you’re going to need those hours and it’s so much fun. You get to hang out with friends and get to learn new things.” Kailey, CAST Med

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