CAST Summer Studio Presents: “I”

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One commitment of all CAST Schools is to provide a summer bridge program, to give incoming 9th grade students a chance to get to know each other and build connections prior to the start of the school year. Although we were unable to offer in-person summer programming at our individual campuses this summer, we experimented with a virtual Summer Studio, led by our arts teachers, student interns, Yvette Benavides (board member for the CAST Schools Network and Director of SMARTSA.ORG), and Ash Perez from Say Sí. The Summer Studio focused on personal identity and human connection. Close to 50 9th graders from across the 5 campuses participated in spoken word, sound design, and mask making, culminating in the performance of, “I,” a collaborative discovery of self-identity through art, theatre and technology.

Teachers leading the initiative included:

Student Interns included: