The CAST Schools College and Career Readiness Toolkit aims to support campus staff who work directly with students as they design a post-high school plan. The outcomes we aim to achieve include providing more robust experiences for students in grades 6-12 as they explore career and college opportunities, with an explicit focus on work-based learning and college visits, increasing career support for students heading straight to work or the many who combine work with attending college and provide much more robust support post-high school, with an explicit focus on mental health, through the 13th and 14th year – and as long as they need it – to make the transition from high school to adulthood more successful.

The Toolkit features 12 guiding principles:

  1. Dedicated Staff: Passionate professionals committed to STUDENT success
  2. Integrating College Visits: Broadening horizons through firsthand experiences
  3. Strategic Partnerships: Powerful collaborations for comprehensive support
  4. Student-Centered Advising: Guidance tailored to students’ aspirations
  5. Signature Student Experiences: Unforgettable moments shaping STUDENTS’ journey
  6. Senior (12th Grade) Experiences: Culminating experiences for a seamless transition
  7. Alumni Network: A lifelong connection with a supportive alum community
  8. Support for Non-Collegebound Students: Empowering every student for success, regardless of their path

Click here to download the CAST Schools College and Career Readiness Toolkit. 

Thank you to the Greater Texas Foundation for their incredible support in making our college and career readiness toolkit a reality. Your generosity shapes futures and empowers countless students on their journey to success. Together, we are building brighter opportunities!

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