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CAST STEM Students Ready To Transition to Palo Alto College


Students from CAST STEM are getting ready for a big move to Palo Alto College.

CAST STEM’s Partnership Facilitator, Tim Bishop, is excited about this change, saying that the move to Palo Alto College “gives our students an authentic college experience while they’re still in high school. I’m excited about watching them grow into the amazing adults they’re meant to be, especially in a safe environment.” This move marks an essential step for these students, offering them new chances to learn and grow.

This move is not just about going to a new place; it’s about learning, growing, and getting ready for the future. It’s a chance for students to have new experiences, try new things, and learn in different ways. CAST STEM High School students are ready for this new adventure at Palo Alto College.

Students agree that CAST STEM High School moving to Palo Alto College is exciting, but for Senior Violet Olivares, “getting a taste of the college life” is what she is most excited about. Freshman Adriana Mems shares Violet’s sentiments. Both students look forward to the opportunity to network and foster personal growth by joining a student club or organization. Violet shares, “When we visited Palo Alto, we met with student life representatives who talked about all the things Palo Alto offers students. I want to join the dance group and the choir. “Once the CAST STEM High School day is over, CAST STEM students can access all of the college’s offerings, including evening classes and clubs.

CAST STEM students are excited to access advanced resources in modern facilities. CAST Sophomore Robert Reynolds, following an Engineering Pathway, is eager to access Palo Alto’s resources. CAST Junior Jon Bustamante, an avid reader, is excited to spend some of his free time in the Palo Alto Library. “As you know, CAST STEM has no library, so I’m especially excited to visit the library on campus,” Jon adds.

CAST STEM and SWISD leadership teams, along with Palo Alto College and CAST Network representatives, are all pitching in to help support the students and staff as they transition to the Palo Alto campus. Upon the return of the students from winter break, one new change is that CAST STEM High School will operate on a modified schedule to help students acclimate to the Palo Alto class schedule. CAST students also have access to enhanced visibility for financial aid, resources for setting time management goals, and outlets for wellness programs.

The students feel ready for CAST STEM’s move. Still, they are worried about adjusting to the new surroundings and need help navigating a different environment. The biggest worry is figuring out when lunch is. The CAST STEM students were also concerned about finding the right balance between enjoying a bit more freedom and handling the responsibilities of a college student. The key to success will be for the students to find their way in a new place while learning to manage newfound independence without feeling overwhelmed by the expectations of being responsible.

To learn more about how the CAST STEM High School faculty and staff plan to support students, call CAST STEM at 210-622-4810.

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