Contagion PBL: The Spreading Influence of Día de los Muertos

Dia de los Muertos Community Altar at CAST Med
Altar Submission at CAST Med 1
Altar Submission at CAST Med 2

As part of CAST Med’s Contagion PBL, educators Linda Marsh (Art Teacher) and Profe Garcia (Spanish Teacher) partnered to encourage their students to explore how Día de los Muertos, a tradition celebrated in Mexico, has become a contagious influence in the United States and across Latin America.

“Students explored how this tradition in Mexico continues to spread throughout the United States and the world, especially among cities with a high percentage of Hispanics.” - Linda Marsh, CAST Med Art Teacher

Ms. Marsh focused on how to construct an altar, from the elements required and ofrendas (offerings) to the vibrant colors and flowers. Profe Garcia highlighted the history and purpose.

"We believe understanding traditions, such as Día de los Muertos, will open up the understanding of our students beyond what they experience within these four walls and make them independent thinkers. They start to question what else is there besides this that I didn’t know about that happens in other countries. These opportunities expand their minds, make them more curious and motivate them to seek out more about other cultures." - Profe Garcia, CAST Med Spanish Teacher

Each student built their own altar honoring a departed family member, friend or even someone famous that they admired. All submissions were then integrated into one campus wide alter.

CAST Med Altar Submission 3