Community Labs begins Weekly COVID-19 Testing at CAST STEM and CAST Lead

On Monday, Community Labs began testing students at CAST STEM High School in Southwest ISD and CAST Lead High School in East Central ISD. Starting this week, in-person students and campus staff at all CAST Schools will have the opportunity to participate in weekly on-campus COVID-19 testing as an additional safety precaution, in addition to continued social distancing and universal masking. Frequent screening will help identify asymptomatic carriers and help keep non-carriers free of the virus and healthy.

Alexis Martinez, a student at CAST STEM opted to take the test for the safety of her school and for the safety of her family.

I feel grateful for not having to pay for it. I’m able to have a free test to be safe at my school and to keep my family safe.”

Jose de Hoyos, an educator at CAST STEM, highlighted how taking the test was easy, convenient and helped increase his confidence level when it comes to teaching in person.

It makes me feel safer. Especially when you are having to work in a situation where you’re dealing with so many variables; kids coming in and out and visitors coming in and out of campus. You just never know.  You just want that extra layer of safety and I think this is just a really good way of feeling a little bit more confident about coming into work and being here with students and for their safety and your own. I think this is a great motivator to come into work.”

When asked about his thoughts about on campus COVID-19 testing, Elias Lopez said, “I think the kids will feel safer and more relaxed knowing they have been tested.”

On his advice, “get tested, it didn’t hurt and wasn’t uncomfortable for me at all. Still be cautious and wear a mask!”

On Thursday, testing will begin at the remaining CAST Schools: CAST Tech, CAST Med and Advanced Learning Academy. For more information, click here.

Alexis Martinez CAST STEM Testing Takes COVID-19 Test
CAST STEM Student, Alexis Martinez, prepares to take her COVID-19 PCR Test
CAST STEM Teacher Jose De Hoyos Takes His COVID-19 Test
Jose De Hoyos, CAST STEM Teacher
Elias CAST Lead Student
Elias Lopez, CAST Lead Student