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Celebrating CAST Lead’s First Graduating Class

This year, we will celebrate the first graduating class at CAST Lead High School, and I have recently had the pleasure of seeing our CAST Lead students at three public events. 


CAST Lead High School opened with a focus on retail and hospitality leadership, and e-commerce in 2020, recognizing that those industries are a cornerstone of the San Antonio economy. We were in the throes of a pandemic; however, industry partners of the school rallied in support of the students, and demonstrated persistence, determination and leadership.


As we prepare for this pioneering first class to go on, I have been struck anew by the poise and presence of our CAST LEADers. They show up at events with confidence and charisma. They are comfortable presenting publicly, and they embrace challenges – even those tossed at them at the last minute.


This graduating class is small but mighty. Right now, every student is planning to attend college, some working and attending school. And every single one has had an internship or job; we’ve shared some of those incredible testimonials in our newsletter.


I want to thank some of the industry board members who have been with them throughout  the journey, and you can see a full list of the advisory board here.


Jeanne Russell

Executive Director

CAST Schools

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