Tafolla Toro, Three Years of Fear

Join us for a live performance and discussion

Friday, February 26th • 9:30 AM

Tafolla Toro, Three Years of Fear

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Meeting ID: 968 5296 0256 • Passcode: 970737

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Write About It

"The great lie of our society is that mental health and mental illness are the same."

Journaling and reflective writing have helped and healed for hundreds of years. Capturing our feelings and thoughts into words supports growth and strong mental health. It also helps you write great poetry!

Take a prompt from your peers at CAST Schools, write a letter to yourself...turn your letter into a poem:

  • Would your life be different if you were not scared?
  • Write about something that you have been pushing down inside of you.
  • Write about what gets you through.
  • Describe the stressors in your life.
  • Write about the stuff that happens in school that is bad for your mental health.
  • In a moment of stress, what could you have done that you didn't do? Does it matter now?
  • What is one escape for you in tough times?
  • Write about a powerful image from childhood, like the Red Wings in Tafolla Toro, that stays with you.

Interview with the Author, Lorenzo Gomez, III

Sarah Guerrero, Senior at the Advanced Learning Academy and Marketing and Communications intern for the CAST Schools Network, interviewed Lorenzo Gomez, III to learn more about his book.

One of the most important things that I heard Lorenzo say was that everyone has a story.

Click here to see the interview >>

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