What Makes a CAST School a CAST School?

CAST Students at Lab

Our Mission

To reinvent schooling in order to maximize options for students while preparing them for college, career and life.

Our Founding

CAST Schools were created as a San Antonio regional partnership of local employers, independent school districts, and higher education institutions to offer a new model of teaching and learning to create a homegrown talent pipeline to high-demand jobs.

Our Pillars

  • We lead with student voice and agency
  • Students’ interests and questions help shape our broad goals and objectives – our network wide student advisory gives students voice over the whole system
  • Coursework is guided by student purpose
  • CAST students are built around caring, supportive relationships
  • Students work alongside mentors from the field, and industry partners serve on an advisory board that informs student work
  • Teachers act as facilitators and guides
  • Students solve problems with real-world implications for industry and their communities
  • Students learn at their own pace, and advanced when they have demonstrated mastery
  • Schedules are flexible; coursework is designed to meet student interest and need
  • All CAST students enroll in and receive support in college credits, such as AP and dual credit courses
  • Our goal is to create exemplar schools to address San Antonio’s persistent educational challenges and income inequality
  • We serve a demographic that mirrors our city