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Wrapping Up an Eventful Year at CAST STEM


As schools across the CAST Network prepare for their end-of-year celebrations and incoming graduations, CAST STEM stands proud having completed another academic school year in two different locations. Earlier this past year, it was announced that CAST STEM would begin to move its student body to relocate at Palo Alto College. However, as the end of 2023 drew near, students and teachers were surprised when it was announced that the entire student body would be relocated in the beginning of 2024. Departing its previous location at Southwest High School, CAST STEM would now have the opportunity for a much larger campus for its students.


With the spring semester coming to a close, a handful of students weighed in on their thoughts/feelings about moving campuses halfway through the school year. Jose, Karina, and Destiny each had their own perspectives about the recent change. For Jose, he thought it was peaceful, and he recognized that he now had much more freedom to walk around; he also felt more prepared for college. For Karina, she expressed how she wished the move took place at the end of spring rather than the beginning, and that now she felt she had to apply herself more in this new setting. To Destiny, she now feels more like a college student than ever before, and she personally likes CAST STEM’s sprawling new campus. Unanimously, the students favored the recent move, and they highlighted PACfest as one of their new favorite attractions.


When asked if they could give advice to their younger selves, the students emphasized taking advantage of the new opportunities provided to them at PAC, including free tutoring, a new library, and new certificates they are eligible to obtain. Despite a new change of scenery, CAST STEM is optimistic for their bright future ahead.



About CAST STEM High School

CAST STEM High School is San Antonio’s #1 engineering school on the south side. The public high school, created in partnership with Southwest ISD, CAST Schools, and Palo Alto College, serves approximately 200 9th through 12th-grade students from across the greater San Antonio region and emphasizes preparing students for high-demand, high-wage jobs in engineering, advanced manufacturing, and global logistics. Co-located at Palo Alto College, CAST STEM integrates both college and career readiness while allowing students to pursue customized opportunities based on their interests.


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