Students from CAST Schools Shared Their Summer Internship Experiences

Career Readiness Begins with Summer Internship Experiences

Students from across the CAST Schools Network shared their summer internship experiences during the recent CAST Live virtual town hall. Ninety CAST students interned across 18 different organizations in San Antonio to include H-E-B, Plus One Robotics, The SAVE Clinic, Bexar County, the NSA, and non-profits such as Ignite Mindshift, Earn a Bike and Summer of Service. These internship experiences provided students with the opportunity to hone their skills, gain invaluable hands-on experience, and reaffirm their career aspirations.

CAST Summer Internships

CAST is Committed to Maximizing Opportunities for Students

The CAST Schools mission is to maximize opportunities for students so that they are college ready, career ready and ready for life. CAST is committed to:

  • Expose CAST students to multiple careers through job-shadowing, internships and paid job opportunities.
  • Connect students with industry partners who act as mentors and motivators and who can help students map a pathway to their dream career.
  • Position students to take advantage of up to two years of college credit to reduce the burden and cost of a college education.
  • To prepare students will enter the workforce qualified to compete for jobs in high-demand, high-wage job markets.
  • To guarantee each student a job interview upon graduation.
  • To listen to student voice and feedback to ensure that we’re delivering on our promises.

For more information or to hire an intern, please contact:


Gabriella Silva CAST Med Intern

Gabriella Silva, CAST Med Sophomore, and Marketing & Communications Intern for the CAST Schools Network

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Q. How are students connected with internship opportunities?

Tiffany Jenkins, Program Coordinator at the Advanced Learning Academy

Q. What qualities do you look for in a high school intern and why does H-E-B partner with CAST?

Katie Chain, Education and Workforce Program Manager, H-E-B

Q. Is there anything you wish you had known going into these internships?

Q. What do you recommend, for those who are apprehensive of an internship, to get involved?

Q. What's the biggest lesson you have learned from your internship?

Q. What are some skills that you felt that you could have focused more on during your class time that could have helped you prepare better for these opportunities?

Advice from our Students

Liam Ralph, CAST Tech Student

H-E-B Intern

Hezron Perez, CAST Tech Student

Thomas Grossman, CAST Tech Student

Dannie Rodriguez and Julian Perez, CAST Students

Interns at Earn-A-Bike

Isaias Lozano, CAST Tech Student

Leelah Cuero, Advanced Learning Academy

Intern at CAST Schools, Summer Studio

Honor Smith & Alberto Alvarez, CAST Students

Intern at CAST Schools, Project Based Learning

Jason Salazar, CAST Tech Student

Intern at Liquid Web