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Since its inception in 2017, CAST Tech High School has been the premiere school for technology-based careers. Whether its cybersecurity, computer science, or even UX design, CAST Tech has provided ample opportunities for its students through mentorships, internships, and job shadowing. And so, despite having started their high school careers during the COVID-19 pandemic, seniors Trinity and Isabella reflected on how their time at CAST Tech helped open doors for what they want to pursue outside of school.


When she first attended CAST Tech, Trinity admitted that she was very reserved. She was quiet, kept to herself, and thanks to the pandemic, it was difficult to mingle with other students. Isabella was also nervous, as she was the only student from her middle school who had heard about CAST Tech, but slowly over time, both Trinity and Isabella began to open up to their new home. Now seniors about to graduate, Trinity and Isabella looked back on the legacy they want to leave for their school. For Isabella, she focused on helping students obtain more industry experience, whether it be through more guest speakers or creating an “Industry Day” where students can network with real-world professionals and make meaningful connections. Trinity’s legacy project set its sights on the school’s broadcast system. The system was not in the best of shape, so Trinity’s approach was to not only fix the system, but also start a “Newsroom Club” where students can relay important announcements to the rest of the student body.


During their time at CAST Tech, Trinity and Isabella have had access to many unique opportunities. Isabella was recently awarded a scholarship for completing a Quantum Computing course on top of her regular school workload, in which she spent hours coding and programming, and for her final project, she wrote a letter to a local politician calling for more funding in quantum computing research. For Trinity, she started with an internship at Cyber Texas where she managed the website for the organization. She used that experience to then land an internship with the U.S. Department of Defense, a position she hopes to return to in the future.


After they graduate from CAST Tech, Trinity will attend Embry-Riddle University, where she will pursue a major in Cybersecurity. Trinity hopes to explore opportunities with NASA and the FBI, as he recent internship experience has helped her discover where she wants to be. Isabella will attend the University of Texas at Austin’s Radio/Television/Film program, where she plans to study Video Game Design. Isabella loves video games, and helped run CAST Tech’s Gaming Club as well.


As CAST Tech’s seniors prepare to graduate, the sky is the limit. Whether its helping create the next great video game or working closely with the FBI or the Department of Defense, CAST Tech helps open doors for its seniors that they otherwise may not have access to. Congratulations, seniors!


About CAST Tech High School

Located downtown in two freshly-renovated buildings on the former campus of Fox Tech High School, CAST Tech works hand-in-hand with industry partners to prepare students for careers in technology and business, fields where the demand is high for talented workers. Some features of the unique program include flexible schedules, hands-on projects and real-world problems to solve, as well as job shadowing, mentorships, internships, and job opportunities upon graduation.


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