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Luna, Presented by The Advanced Learning Academy and CAST Tech Theatre Production Company
Luna presented by ALA and CAST Tech theater production


Performed by the Advanced Learning Academy and CAST Tech Production Company.

March 23rd, 2021
Diego Villegas, CAST Schools Communications and Marketing Intern

Taking risks is hard to do, but taking risks builds courage, too.

Luna follows the journey of a young girl by the name of Soledad, the daughter of migrant farmworkers. Soledad struggles to find friends in her life, as she is constantly switching schools as her family searches for work. The only friend Soledad can consistently count on is the moon – Luna. Fortunately, Soledad eventually finds friendship but is conflicted when faced with traveling with her parents or staying with her newfound friends. Luna explores themes of friendship, anger, dreams, and courage. It is a beautiful story of learning to find your place in a constantly changing world. Luna is suited for all audiences and is an excellent play for children.

Luna will be performed LIVE at the

Guadalupe Theatre

1301 Guadalupe St., San Antonio, TX 78207

7:30 PM

Thursday, March 25th through Friday, March 27th,

Approximately 90 minutes in duration.

Ticket and streaming information can be found at

How to see the show!

Wondering how to see our show? Tickets will be sold strictly online for In-Person performances, and for Payed Viewing On-Demand performances. In-Person performances will be at the Guadalupe Theatre, located at 1301 Guadalupe St, San Antonio, Texas 78207. Note: Due to social distancing requirements, only 80 seats will be available each night (this is less than 25% capacity for the Guadalupe Theatre), no food will be allowed, and masks will be required at all times.


Soledad – Alyssa Herevia

Papá – Miguel Salazar

Mamá – Rayne Aguilar

Luna – Bella Villareal

Frida/Girl – Sophia Shelton

Boy/Clown #1 – Jeremy Cantu

Clown #2 – Diego Villegas

Emilio – Sean Fisher



Stage Manager – Connor Bustos

Sound Designers & Operators – Jocelyn Tiscareno and Emiliano Villegas

Lighting Designer & Operator – Caleb Spice

Scenic Artists – Matilda Lee, Eleanor Bird, and Kanella Benavides

Master Prop Designers – Noah Borroel, Diego Gonzales, and Bella Villarreal

House Managers – Trinity Williams and Kanella Benavides

Publicity – Diego Villegas


Questions? Comments?

If you have any questions or concerns about the show, feel free to email us at, or reach us by phone at (512) 705-8889 (Nico Champion)


See you there!


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