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Connecting Students with Supportive Adults

At CAST, it’s important that we provide our students with ample opportunities to make meaningful connections that lead past the classroom. Industry and other community leaders are equal stakeholders in our schools’ design and governance; they collaborate and work alongside students and co-create everything from project and school curriculum and schedule.


We define relationships as helping students build healthy, meaningful connections within their community, and ensuring each student graduates with a strong support network that is willing and able to help them to achieve their career goals. It is because of these relationships that CAST students are given the best possible opportunity to succeed. For Alexandra Rodriguez, CAST Schools’ Community Engagement Manager, this is one of the many ways that helps CAST stand out from other schools:


Professional relationships are crucial for CAST students as they provide valuable opportunities for students outside of the classroom. These relationships allow students to connect with industry professionals, gaining insights into real-world applications of their studies. Through internships, mentorships, and networking events facilitated by these relationships, students can enhance their skills, build their professional networks, and increase their chances of securing employment after graduation.


One of the most impactful examples of CAST building relationships is through its senior hiring fair. On Thursday, over 20 CAST partners met at Palo Alto College to recruit CAST seniors for full-time positions, internships, and apprenticeships. Partners ranged from the City of San Antonio to CPS Energy, H-E-B, and many more. Seniors came prepared with resumes and LinkedIn profile pages ready to share with employers. Employer partners remarked how prepared and professional CAST’s students were, and students were equally excited to network with their favorite companies/organizations. Students were prepared to leave the event with internships and potential job offers, and they were able to do that and much more.


The Senior Hiring Fair is one of many opportunities that CAST Schools provides its students to create professional relationships that will continue outside of the classroom. To learn more about CAST and the one-of-a-kind experiences available for its students, visit

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