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CAST Tech Bids Farewell to Founding Principal Melissa Alcala

On Thursday, CAST Tech students were assembled for what seemed to be an ordinary prep rally. Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors believed they were gathering to celebrate the upcoming winter break – what they didn’t know was that they were coming together for a different reason entirely.


The rally itself looked like most traditional high school pep rallies: students were excited, played games, and celebrated the end of a hard-worked semester. They were already aware that earlier this school year Principal Alcala was announced as Assistant Superintendent of 1882 Partnerships. They were also aware that just a few weeks ago, Assistant Principal Jacob Barber was announced as Alcala’s successor. However, it was fitting for CAST Tech to gather its student body for a “passing of the torch” ceremony that not only honored Mr. Barber, but also celebrated Principal Alcala’s years with CAST Tech.


Melissa Alcala was the founding principal at CAST Tech. During her seven years as principal, Dr. Alcala led the creation of the first User Design (UX) pathway in the country and launched an Early College Academy in partnership with the University of Texas at San Antonio, where students can earn credits in their degree major starting their junior year.


During the pep rally, students started with several games to help excite the crowd. When the games had finished, Principal Barber brought out Principal Alcala and surprised her with several members of CAST Tech’s alumni, including Hezron Perez, CAST Tech’s first college graduate. The alumni then presented a special gift for Alcala: A statue of a cyberknight to celebrate her seven years as principal of the school, CAST Tech’s signature mascot. It was after this that Principal Alcala then took CAST Tech’s “spirit sword” and officially “knighted” Mr. Barber as her successor.


CAST Network would like to again thank Principal Alcala for her years of service to CAST Tech, and wishes her the absolute best in her new ventures.

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