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CAST Teach Students Tour NISD in District-Wide Field Trip


“Think about your favorite teacher. What made them your favorite? Why do you still remember them? Now think of your least favorite teacher – why are they your least favorite? Why do you still remember them?”



Dr. Carol Harle, a Northside Independent School District Board Trustee and CAST School’s leadership coach, asked this question on Wednesday when CAST Teach students began their NISD tour at the NISD’s Administration Building, which houses both the Superintendent and the Board of Trustees. Dr. Harle was joined by Corinne Saldana, the Vice President of the Board, who emphasized the importance of highlighting the next generation of Texas educators.



The purpose of the students’ trip was to highlight the many different careers they could pursue in the field of education that do not explicitly involve teaching. Students started their morning by touring the NISD Administration Building, and then paid a visit to the NISD Child Nutrition Department, which focuses on preparing and delivering school lunches across the district. While at the Child Nutrition Department, students also got to briefly visit the building’s “chiller”, which keeps perishables frozen at a temperature of -15 degrees!



Finally, the students regrouped at the Northside Activity Center for one final tour before returning back to campus at CAST Teach. The trip helped showcase education careers to students who did not know they existed. And at a school like CAST Teach, what is more important than teachers teaching teachers?


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