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The Project's Essential Question

How have contagions influenced my life and how can I help better my community because of what I’ve learned about a contagion’s impact?

A contagion can be a disease transmitted by direct or indirect contact. However, it can also be a contagious influence. A contagion is anything that can be spread in ways that it impacts communities in a harmful or hope-filled way.

The Project Launch

Students from CAST Med, CAST STEM, and the John Jay Science and Engineering Academy were joined by Dr. Junda Woo, Medical Director for the City of San Antonio, Metropolitan Health District, to learn how COVID-19 has impacted their lives, communities, and how they can begin the process of transforming these learnings into positive outcomes.

The Spreading Influence of Día de los Muertos

As part of CAST Med’s Contagion PBL, educators Linda Marsh (Art Teacher) and Profe Garcia (Spanish Teacher) partnered to encourage their students to explore how Día de los Muertos, a tradition celebrated in Mexico, has become a contagious influence in the United States and across Latin America.
Contagion the spreading influence of Dia de los Muertos

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