We believe in
the power of
public education

CAST Schools are built on a theory of partnership and powered by veteran educators with decades of experience working in San Antonio to transform the lives of young people. We have deep roots in this community, and our partners are committed, homegrown business, civic and community leaders. Together, we believe in the transformative power of public education that places students and teachers in the driver’s seat; we’re working to create schools that advance our community’s economic mobility and connect all young people to their dream careers.

Our School Leaders

At CAST we believe in hiring outstanding school leaders and teachers and surrounding them with the support they need to do their job. All distinguished in their commitment to maximizing the potential of the young people they serve, our principals and teachers represent the best in public education.

CAST Network Board

The CAST Network Board is made up of community members who are passionate about the CAST mission. Board leaders are distinguished in their field and committed to the role of education in transforming lives.

CAST Schools Staff

CAST School staff work to support school leaders and ensure there is a consistent commitment to excellence, to the CAST vision, and across each of the CAST Schools.