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I believe that CAST Tech has already shown my daughter the different things that she can be, so when she graduates from CAST Tech she will know this is where I’m going, these are the people who can hold my hand and get me there.

Tokeisha Sanders
CAST Tech Parent

CAST has prepared me for multiple things. They’ve prepared me for college. They prepared me for joining the military. Honestly, they’ve prepared me for skipping all of that and just getting a job right out of the gate. This school has definitely helped me consider all of the options and not feel like I have to do just one.

Timiera (TJ) Jackson
CAST Tech Class of 2021

We all have the capabilities and potential to make a difference in the world. I just ask that you all follow your passion and make your dreams into reality. Though it may be cyber we are all still knights. Knights were an example of what strength, honor, integrity and courage looked like in medieval times. To be knighted was one of the highest honors that could be bestowed upon a person and therefore a dream of all young men and women throughout time. You have served proudly and honorably my fellow knights, please continue to serve your kingdom well.

Nathan Cazares
CAST Tech Class of 2021

We are a student body that takes initiative, we are a family full of music, culture, and everlasting friendships. Above all, we are a class that recognizes new prospects, and in turn, makes them into a window for success.

Alena Errisuriz-Chavez
CAST Tech Class of 2021

It wasn’t till I went to CAST Tech and interacted with some of the people there that I realized the people around me were so like-minded, it was shocking. Their passion, their drive, it was inspiring to be around. Those people are family to me, always pushing me to be my best self, and they are the reason I went to school every day for the past four years. Every one of you is the reason I try to better myself every day.

James Goldblatt
CAST Tech Class of 2021

CAST has helped prepare us not only for college but for the real world. They have helped point us in the right direction to find our footing and to spread our wings. This guidance allowed us to gain experience competing with each other and those in the workforce. CAST helped make my dream a reality and create one of the top esports clubs in the nation.

Fernando Garcia
CAST Tech Class of 2021

When I fell flat on my face and watched my peers struggle I always noticed one thing, they were not helped up, they were pulled back up. CAST Tech is a rising force, a burning inferno that soars ever higher and leaves the demons behind. CAST Tech made me search my soul to find something else, I realized I could take my life in my hands, and as long as I have my extended CAST family, from the gates of heaven to the altars of hell the power is at my command.

Thomas Gossman
CAST Tech Class of 2021

As you leave this special place that you created together, each of you – the pioneering, trailblazing class of CAST Tech – will carry a bit of it with you. Go out and do great things, but never at the expense of your humanity. Support each other. Ask for help. Fix this beautiful, broken world with your brilliant ideas, your goodness, and your leadership.

Jeanne Russell
Executive Director, CAST Schools

The supportive and giving behavior I’ve seen in so many of you help keep the teams together through tough challenges and all combined great things happened.

Bret Piatt
Jungle Disk President and Chief Executive Officer

CAST Tech:

Our Character shows that we have heart.

Our Attitude shines through our marvelous art.

Our Service shows that we do our part.

And as Trailblazers we know we’re ready to start.

And if the rest of society doesn’t know that now, they will, sooner or later,

that the capabilities we have developed these past 4 years

are exactly what they need.

My fellow CyberKnights…

Go forth.

Shine bright.

Hezron Perez
CAST Tech Class of 2021 Valedictorian

Class of 2021, my parting words are for you to live courageously! Courage means you many have been scared at times but you didn’t let fear stop you.

Dr. Melissa Alcala
Principal, CAST Tech High School

Four years ago, I and my fellow classmates took a bold step that many of us can now say has transformed our lives for the better.

TJ Jackson
CAST Tech Class of 2021

The atmosphere of the school is intended to inspire out-of-the-box thinking.

Alena Errisuriz-Chavez
CAST Tech Class of 2021

CAST Tech is just a great way to get your foot in the door of different careers that you’re looking for. It’s a challenge, but it’s a good challenge that can really help you in your future.

Jeremiah Palacios
CAST Tech Student