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At CAST, learning has always extended beyond the four walls of the classroom. Young people can be deeply engaged in the world wherever they are. This is our showcase of work created by our students, educators and partners. Our home to highlight how project based learning and co-creation works. We invite you to review and share your feedback by emailing us at info@castschools.com.

Featured Work

What do we want our city to be?

Students from across the CAST Schools Network kick-off their Speak Up! Speak Out! campaign identifying opportunities and solutions for their communities.

Additional Works

CAST Schools PBL

Students at CAST learn how contagions influence life & how can they can help better their community through what they have learned about a contagion’s impact.

CAST Schools Virtual Museum

CAST Schools debuted their first virtual exhibit: "I." A collaborative discovery of self-identity through art, theatre and technology. The exhibit was curated by Adriana Perez, CAST STEM student.

Taking A Stand

Through our Taking a Stand Community Initiative, we are engaging CAST students and educators in a series of conversations to transform thoughts into action.

Summer Studio Presents "I"

The Summer Studio focused on personal identity and human connection. Close to 50 9th graders from across the 5 campuses participated in spoken word, sound design, and mask making, culminating in the performance of, “I,” a collaborative discovery of self-identity through art, theatre and technology.


Driven to continue learning and eager for the challenge to contribute and have their voices heard. Here you will experience our students' observations, creative work, and ideas during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Summer Learning Resources

Our team of experts have curated a list of resources for students and parents to use to create their own at home schooling experience.