The Mission in Me – 8

I am like the painting in the church. I make others feel good and I am beautiful.

The Mission in Me – 7

I am like the wild rose bush growing from the concrete – I know this is hard but I can rise above it and bloom.

The Mission in Me – 6

I am like the Coahuiltecans, a collection of non-waring native people who worked alongside each other to benefit everyone at the mission. I want to work alongside others to do… Continue reading The Mission in Me – 6

The Mission in Me – 5

I am like the Mission San Jose church – always lending an ear and helping in high gear.

The Mission in Me – 4

I am like the 300 year old wooden doors of the mission church because like them I am strong and welcoming.

The Mission in Me – 3

I am like the stone carvings on the walls – they were hard to form but beautiful when displayed just like me and we both will not be forgotten.

The Mission in Me – 2

I am like the faded paint on the side of the church – and it shows aging and weathering of the past but leaves a huge impression on what I… Continue reading The Mission in Me – 2

The Mission in Me – 1

I am like the faded old paint on the church because I am covered by what may appear dull but I know there is bright color and value underneath.