Jeremiah Palacios

CAST Tech is just a great way to get your foot in the door of different careers that you’re looking for. It’s a challenge, but it’s a good challenge that… Continue reading Jeremiah Palacios

Alena Errisuriz-Chavez

The atmosphere of the school is intended to inspire out-of-the-box thinking.

Timiera (TJ) Jackson

Four years ago, I and my fellow classmates took a bold step that many of us can now say has transformed our lives for the better.

Dr. Melissa Alcala

Class of 2021, my parting words are for you to live courageously! Courage means you many have been scared at times but you didn’t let fear stop you.

Valedictorian Speech

CAST Tech: Our Character shows that we have heart. Our Attitude shines through our marvelous art. Our Service shows that we do our part. And as Trailblazers we know we’re… Continue reading Valedictorian Speech

Bret Piatt

The supportive and giving behavior I’ve seen in so many of you help keep the teams together through tough challenges and all combined great things happened.

Jeanne Russell

As you leave this special place that you created together, each of you – the pioneering, trailblazing class of CAST Tech – will carry a bit of it with you.… Continue reading Jeanne Russell

Thomas Gossman

Thomas Gossman testimonial at graduation

When I fell flat on my face and watched my peers struggle I always noticed one thing, they were not helped up, they were pulled back up. CAST Tech is… Continue reading Thomas Gossman

CAST Tech graduates are Future Ready

Fernando Garcia talks at graduation

CAST has helped prepare us not only for college but for the real world. They have helped point us in the right direction to find our footing and to spread… Continue reading CAST Tech graduates are Future Ready

Highlights from his CAST Tech experience.

James Goldblatt Highlights from his CAST Tech experience.

It wasn’t till I went to CAST Tech and interacted with some of the people there that I realized the people around me were so like-minded, it was shocking. Their… Continue reading Highlights from his CAST Tech experience.