Academies embody
the CAST Mission

CAST Academies, like all CAST schools, share a focus on experiential learning to break down the walls of the classroom and connect students to the external world. Our academies work hand-in-hand with community partners to offer students varied learning opportunities, including job shadowing, internships, mentoring, coffee talks and guided student projects.

These rich experiences help students build out a professional and personal support network while still in school. CAST Academies are committed to youth voice and youth choice, allowing students to design a personalized pathway based on interest. Our schools are committed to developing global citizens who understand their role in shaping the world. CAST Academies work to strengthen the next generation of teachers, school and industry leaders. Our schools all share a commitment to equity, with protections in place to ensure equal access to students from all backgrounds, and use data to ensure that no students will fall through the cracks.

Advanced Learning Academy

The Advanced Learning Academy is a Pre-K-12 academy for students who want to be makers and doers. Students learn through projects, and over the course of their education, take increasing control over designing their learning experience. Electives are tailored to student and teacher interest. ALA continues its commitment to deep learning, individuality, flexibility and connection.