Taking a Stand

Since our founding, CAST has been committed to reinventing schooling for our young learners, inside and outside the classroom. Our efforts are guided by our four pillars: Equity, Relationships, Student Voice & Agency, and Authentic Experiences. We believe our students will be the leaders of tomorrow because they are positioned to drive change today.

Over the past two weeks, we have met as a community and defined three focus areas to further explore during the summer: Engaging in your community, using art as a revolutionary act, and learning more about the culture. We will continue to engage during the summer through independent sessions. As our leaders of tomorrow, our students’ voices must be heard now. As our future protectors, inventors, and sources of comfort and inspiration, their ideas need to be seen and recognized.  Email us at info@castschools.com if you would like to join us in our efforts. There are multiple mentorship opportunities currently available as well as many other ways to join the discussion.

Our Thought Partners


Engage in

Your Community

Connect with your community leaders

Identify how resources are invested

Counselors over Cops

Art as a

Revolutionary Act

Use Your Voice

Express Through Art

Craft Your Message


the Culture

Book Studies

Community Events

School Resources

Highlights From Our Working Session

Events and Engagement Opportunities

Reference Materials


Additional Videos

  • How racial bias works - and how to disrupt it, Jennifer L. Eberhardt, TED Ideas Worth Spreading
  • The Casual Acceptance of Racism, Kim Foxx, 
  • The Power of Protest, TED Ideas Worth Spreading


  • Banksy, Reuters
  • Ariana Brown, Poet, Performer and Workshop Facilitator
  • Akaimi Davis, Mixed Media Contemporary Artist
  • Barbara Felix, Afro-Latinx Contemporary Figurative Artist
  • Andrea 'Vocab' Sanderson, San Antonio Poet Laureate
  • Kara Walker
  • Ai Weiwei's, Safe Passage, Artfixdailiy.com

Free Apps

  • Adobe Illustrator Draw, Digital Art Tools
  • Adobe Photoshop Mix, Digital Art Tools
  • Adobe Premiere Rush, Video Editing
  • Anchor FM, Audio Recording
  • Audacity, Audio Recording
  • Voice Recorder, Audio Recording


  • 1619 NY Times, Podcast series about the history of slavery
  • About Race, Reni Eddo-Lodge
  • Intersectionality Matters, African American Policy Forum, Kimberlé Crenshaw
  • NPR Code Switch, Race. In Your Face.
  • Waiting n Reparations, Hip Hop and Politics


  • 2nd Verse, Spoken Word Poetry
  • 6 Considerations for School Leaders Making a Statement About George Floyd, Education Week
  • Belonging Check-In Kit, Creating Space for Reflection In the Wake of Racial Injustice Uprising, Project Wayfinder
  • Cultural Taxation, It's Toll Inside and Outside Academia, By Bella Pratt, Blue Sky Graduate Assistant, MBA Candidate, Blue Sky Institute, Boise State University
  • Don't Say Nothing. Silence Speaks Volumes. Our Students are Listening, By Jamilah Pitts, Teaching Tolerance
  • Facing History and Ourselves, Reflecting on George Floyd's Death and Police Violence Towards Black Americans
  • Focused Conversations Protocol, ICA Associates, Inc.
  • Guide to Multi-Sectored, Targeted Interventions During COVID-19, SA2020
  • Leonie Dawson, Blog, Racism Resources and Recommendations
  • Lyrical Opposition, A Community for Artists Looking to Impact the World One Lyric at a Time
  • Say Their Names Toolkit, A toolkit to help foster productive conversations about race and civil disobedience, Chicago Public Schools
  • Split this Rock, Calling poets to a greater role in public life and fostering a national network of socially engaged poets
  • The Ground Water Approach, Racial Equity Institute, LLC (REI)
  • To Reach San Antonio's Community Vision, We Must Be Explicit About Race, SA2020
  • Write About Now Poetry (WANPoetry)
  • Youth Media Network, 2nd Youth Media Summit