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KSAT Great Graduate CAST Tech High School great graduate strives to become e-sports college athlete

Fernando Garcia, is a CAST Tech High School student who not only started his school’s e-sports team, but is also the first e-sports scholarship athlete for the Texas A&M system. See

CAST Tech Students 2017 Photo by Ron Cortes, San Antonio Express News

Jeanne Russell, For the Express-News June 3, 2021Updated: June 3, 2021 2:15 p.m. At our five CAST schools, we believe our students come with gifts, and we can unlock those gifts and

Greater Texas Foundation Grant Enables Post-secondary Support Over 71% of seniors in the inaugural graduating class of CAST Tech High School have been accepted to 4-year colleges, bucking a citywide

Ericka Olivarez CAST Teach Principal

Guided by a Mission to Serve Ericka Olivarez is guided by a mission to serve as part of a diverse community of learners and leaders striving to ensure that all

CAST Med Teacher

The CAST Schools Student Advisory Rallies Students to Thank our Teachers The CAST Student Advisory provides a channel for our young adults to give voice over the whole system. This

My name is Diego Villegas, a Marketing and Communications intern for the CAST Schools Network. and CAST Tech Theatre Production Company. I have been an actor and singer throughout high

Zach Wilson, African American Studies

Zach Wilson started teaching at the Advanced Learning Academy four years ago as an intern with Trinity University. Today, he is part of the pioneering group of educators in the

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